Productivity essentials

Weekly Review Checklist

Whether you're practitioner of the Getting Things Done productivity method, or someone who's looking to improve his/her productivity routine, doing a Weekly Review is the perfect way to get clear and current. This Weekly Review Checklist will help you with doing just that, and then some!

Online checklist Printable PDF Evernote template

Review and organize

The Weekly Review

So, what is the Weekly Review? In short, the weekly review is a short time period (two hours should be more than enough) you set aside every week, in which you review the things you've completed this past week, and get clear and organized for the week ahead, ensuring there are no loose ends.

This includes organizing your tasks and project lists, making a list of people you need to follow up with and things you're waiting for, and arranging your priorities so you're always working on the things that are actually important.

Hands-on approach

The Checklist

The Weekly Review Checklist offers a hands-on approach, by dissecting the Weekly Review into sections and individual tasks, all into a straightforward and easy-to-use checklist. You can either use the online checklist, or download it as either a printable PDF or Evernote template.